Clinical Counseling

Licensed credentialed clinical professionals, such as social workers and marriage/family therapists, provide confidential services to active duty service members and their families. Some of the highlights of this program include:


  • Individual, marriage, family and group counseling
  • Short-term, solution-focused non-medical treatment
  • Counseling goals generated with the client(s) and clinician
  • Assist in dealing with concerns such as situational difficulties, stress-related military lifestyle, understanding communication differences and techniques to assist, educational programs and prevention programs


"New to the Navy" App
The "New to the Navy" mobile application is for Sailors (Enlisted and Officers) who are fresh out of Boot Camp or Officer Candidate School and ready to report to their first command. The app answers common questions new Sailors may have on pay and personnel matters as they transfer to a school or to their duty station. Available for Apple and Android devices.