Comfort Hall - Bldg. 60

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The Unaccompanied Housing survey, which will be available through June 20, 2019, is an opportunity for Sailors to note their likes and dislikes and any health or safety concerns they may with their housing.
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Comfort Hall - consists of 168 rooms, but due to renovations on the West wing, only 84 rooms currently available.  Each room is single occupancy and is furnished with a bed, 2 dressers, a microwave/fridge combo, a desk with a chair, a nightstand, and a 19 inch TV. Each room has cable TV and there is Wi-fi available throughout the barracks. Common areas consist of a lounge on the first deck, which includes a 52 inch TV and a pool table, free washers and dryers for residents, and a mini gym with treadmills, ellipticals, stair masters and exercise bikes, but due to renovations the gym is currently located in Solace Hall.

Irons and cleaning supplies may be checked out at the front desk. Linen is provided by the staff, but must be maintained by the resident.

All rooms are subject to weekly inspections and residents are required to maintain daily living standards and comply with Unaccompanied Housing rules and regulations at all times.