Family Housing

New Resources Available: If you are looking at renting or buying a home in the local community, there are new resources available on the Community Housing Page


Navy Housing Service Center at Bethesda

PH 301-295-6564

Military Housing Privatization Initiative Tenant Bill of Rights

Off-Base Housing

Off-base services provide assistance with locating off-base housing in the Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C., areas including:

Rental Partnership Program

Housing in the local area is available through the Rental Partnership Program or private property owners. Through the rental program, families usually rent one- to three- bedroom apartments within a 15- to 30-minute commute of NSA Bethesda. No credit check or security deposit is required. Lease terms are one year and rent must be paid by allotment to a financial institution (bank or credit union) associated with the leasing office. Personnel must obtain a Letter of Eligibility from the Navy Housing Service Center staff before signing a lease agreement.

Private property owners also support the local housing market by making their real estate rentals/sales available to military families.