MWR Sports Complex: Fields & Courts

  • 2 Recreational Picnic Pavilions with Charcoal Grills
  • Multipurpose Artificial Turf Field(soccer, lacrosse, football)
  • Softball Field
  • Basketball/Tennis Courts
  • Marked Running Track
  • Running Trail
  • 4 Workout Stations
  • Sand Volleyball Court
  • 2 Restroom Facilities
  • 2 Horseshoe Pits


Effective Wednesday, July 1, 2020:

  1. The Track and Field are open, all other MWR Sports Complex facilities/equipment remain closed.
  2. Restrooms are open for patron use.
  3. Face masks are required, except when running on the track or doing cardio.
  4. Physical distancing is required. Masks are required when distancing of 6 feet cannot be accomplished.
  5. Outdoor group PT is authorized for groups of 25 or fewer. For groups larger than 25, permission must be obtained from the NSA Bethesda senior enlisted leader.