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Military & Family Support Center Bethesda

Fleet and Family Support staff recognizes that being military is a lifestyle that presents unique challenges and opportunities for service members and their families. Programs are intended to help make the most of military life.

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Navy Gold Star

The Navy Gold Star program is designed to provide long term support to surviving family members of deceased active duty personnel. The program’s two goals are to keep survivors connected with the military and to assist them with achieving resiliency and well-being.

Eligible survivors include spouses, children (biological, adoptive and step), parents (biological, adoptive, step and foster) and siblings (biological, adoptive and half). Survivors remain part of the Navy family and are welcome at Fleet and Family Service Centers to receive authorized assistance.

While Navy Gold Star is the official Navy program designed to provide long term support to surviving families of deceased active duty Sailors, the program’s staff supports all services. The goal is to help any survivor who requests assistance. This may include connecting them with their own service’s Survivor Assistance Program, giving them references or becoming their case manager. The survivor decides the level of support.

For assistance, the Regional Navy Gold Star Coordinator is available by appointment to meet with survivors. Please call (202) 433-3171 to schedule an appointment.

For commands or organizations that would like more information on the Navy Gold Star Program, please contact the Regional Navy Gold Star Coordinator.

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Navy Wounded Warrior

Navy Wounded Warrior Safe Harbor is the Navy's organization for coordinating the non-medical care of seriously wounded, ill, and injured Sailors, Coast Guardsmen, and their families.

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Parking & Commuter Information


Parking is limited. If found in an unauthorized space, you may be ticketed or towed.

Building 63 Patient America Garage
Building 55 Patient Garage

(NSA Bethesda Shuttle & Building Map)



Patient parking on board Naval Support Activity Bethesda is plentiful. There are two patient parking garages located adjacent to the medical center. Staff parking is limited, by permit only and there may be a wait list. New staff may not be able to park on base upon arrival and should plan accordingly. There is no open parking on the installation and parking is strictly enforced. Public parking options are available in downtown Bethesda. Staff can park in these areas and then ride the Metro to the Medical Center Station.

Additional cost of parking in Bethesda:

Monthly = $150

Hourly at Meters = $1.25-2.00 per hour

Garage Parking = $.80 per hour

*The parking facility at the Grosvenor-Strathmore Metro Station on the Red Line is only one stop from the Medical Center Station.



Parking is available at 44 metro rail stations. The list of metro rail stations and the daily costs for parking can be found on the WMATA website, The cost of parking is not included in the NCR Transit Fringe Benefit.



Park and Ride lots are located throughout Washington Metropolitan Region. In most cases, parking is free and there is a connection to the Metrorail via buses that can be paid for using the Transit Benefit Program. For Park and Ride lots in the Metropolitan Washington Region (Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia), please review the park and ride finder web-site at



Mass Transit Fringe Benefit (MTFB) is avail-able to civilian and active duty military staff. This is in addition to their current pay, up to $130 per month for their personal commuting costs using mass transit. MTFB can be applied to rail, bus or approved vanpools but not parking costs. On-line applications are available at Washington Headquarters Service (WHS) at  When applying for the benefit online, use the following applicable organizational codes when prompted:

DOD Civilian = DHA-NCR MD-WRNMMC-DHA-NCRMD-Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

Navy Active Duty/Navy Civilian = N-18 BUMED 

Army Active Duty = WRNMMC (Army Active Duty)



Parking designated for carpools is located on the ground levels of the staff garage, Building 54. Contractors are also eligible for these spots. To learn more about vanpool options, please visit: For more information or assistance in planning your commute, contact 301-319-3818.



Staff may request access for guests by sending an email to Upon arrival, guest(s) must inform gate security, stating the event they are here to attend or company they are with. They must present a valid picture ID. The access roster is taken to the gate at approximately 7 a.m. Monday through Friday; therefore, requests must be made no later than 6 p.m. the day prior. Parking on base is extremely limited so if guests will be driving to the base, please make sure to make arrangements for their parking. All weekend requests must be in no later than 1 p.m. on the Friday that precedes the weekend. If your guest(s) may be arriving before 7 a.m., ensure their name is submitted at least two days prior, as well as the day of, for access. To reach the security department for non-emergencies, call 301-295-1246. For emergencies, dial 777.

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Comfort Hall - Bldg. 60

Comfort Hall (building 60) - consists of 168 rooms. Each room is single occupancy and is furnished with a bed, 2 dressers, a microwave/fridge combo, a desk with a chair, a nightstand, and a 19 inch TV. Each room has cable TV and there is Wi-fi available throughout the barracks.

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Family Housing

The NSA Bethesda Housing Service Center maintains a list of properties for rent, to include single family homes, town homes, condos, and apartments shared rooms and local hotel information.

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Mercy Hall - Bldg. 50

Mercy Hall (building 50) - consists of 98 rooms, and is used to house our wounded-warriors. Each room is a single occupancy with a head joining adjacent rooms, and is furnished with a bed, a microwave/fridge combo, a desk with a chair, nightstand, a table with chairs, armoire with a safe for medication, a dresser, and a TV.

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Solace Hall - Bldg. 61

Solace Hall (building 61) - consists of 216 rooms. Currently each room houses 2 personnel, but we are in the process of going to single occupancy rooms, with a common head connecting adjacent rooms. Each room is furnished with a bed, 2 dressers, a microwave/fridge combo, a desk with a chair, a nightstand, and a 19 inch TV.

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Tranquility Hall - Bldg. 62

Tranquility Hall (building 62)- consists of 153 suites, 306 beds, and is used to house our wounded-warriors. Each room is complete with a full kitchen, laundry, pantry, sitting area. Each bedroom has a walk-in closet, bathroom, computer and TV.

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